Custom Kitchen Renovations
in Aurora, Newmarket and Richmond Hill

Enhance Your Kitchen with Stunning Countertop Options for a Fresh Look

Your kitchen's countertop serves as more than just a practical working area—it also sets the style and tone of the entire room.

With a simple countertop replacement, you can achieve a remarkable transformation for your kitchen.

At Imagine That Kitchen, we offer a wide range of captivating countertop surfaces to choose from, ensuring there's an option that suits your unique taste and requirements.

Our selection includes:

  • Cultured Marble: A versatile and elegant choice.
  • Natural Stones: Discover the beauty of granite, marble, onyx, limestone, and travertine.
  • Special Surface Materials: Explore DuPont Corian, Staron Solid Surfaces, HI-MACS Acrylic Solid Surface, and Wilsonart Solid Surface for distinctive options.
  • Quartz Surfaces: Experience the durability and beauty of Silestone Quartz Surfaces, DuPont Zodiaq, Viatera Quartz Surfacing, CaesarStone Quartz Surfaces, and HanStone Fine Quartz Surfaces.

Transform your kitchen with our exceptional countertop options and create a fresh, inviting space that reflects your personal style.


Unlock Your Kitchen's Full Potential
with Custom Storage Solutions

At Imagine That Kitchen, we specialize in optimizing your storage space with high-quality solutions designed and built to your exact specifications.

Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a perfectly organized kitchen that suits your needs.

Our storage solutions include:

  • Deep Drawers: Keep your countertops clear by storing dishes and utensils in deep drawers, minimizing the need for above-counter shelving.
  • Adjustable Corner & Pullout Shelves: Make the most of every inch of your kitchen cabinets with adjustable shelves that can accommodate items of various sizes. Our pullout shelves offer easy access and efficient organization.
  • Wine Racks: Showcase your wine collection in style with elegant wine racks designed to keep your bottles securely stored.
  • Spice Racks: Keep your spices neatly organized and easily accessible with customized spice racks that maximize efficiency while adding a touch of charm to your kitchen.
  • Magic Corner: Optimize hard-to-reach corner spaces with our innovative magic corner solutions, providing convenient storage access and eliminating wasted space.
  • Lazy Susan: Simplify your kitchen organization with a lazy Susan, allowing you to effortlessly access items stored on rotating shelves.
  • Recycle Center: Stay environmentally conscious with a dedicated recycle center, providing a practical and tidy solution for managing your recyclables.

Reclaim lost space and enhance your kitchen simultaneously with our customized storage solutions. Trust Imagine That Kitchen to transform your kitchen into an organized and efficient space.